About WiseOceans

At WiseOceans we are specialists in marine education and conservation. We work globally striving to spread awareness and understanding of our beautiful and fragile oceans.
We believe education is a key driver for long-term behavioural change and, critically, we believe in positivity and empowerment as the means through which education can inspire action.  Through education we inspire, engage and empower people to make steps to
achieve healthier oceans now and in the future.


Our Reef Restoration Projects

We create effective, engaging, educational and inspiring reef restoration projects of innovative design that are bespoke to the local environment and stakeholder needs.   Based on sound scientific foundations, our projects assist the natural recovery of a reef, maintaining coral diversity and the natural resilience needed in our future reefs.  We aim to inspire a sense of stewardship in local and international communities by connecting people to coral and its restoration, increasing awareness of coral’s fragility and the threats reefs face, leading to a caring community and a brighter future for our reefs.



Get Involved

Would you like to support our work towards saving coral reefs? Click on through to our How to Help page for options to sponsor your own patch of reef in Seychelles or Mauritius. Whilst you’re there why not make a Promise to the Reef. Our simple guide to doing your bit to support the wider changes we all want to see in the world and help save our coral reefs.

How to Help