The more ocean lovers there are, the better it is!

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By Tania Militello

Being based at the Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, part of my daily routine as Reef Restoration Project Officer is to meet with resort guests, talk with them about the project and its aim, and help people get to know more about the wonderful marine life at our doorstep.

The interest most of the guests show for the “coral gardening” concept, and the support they give us every day is very rewarding.

The-Mosers-donation-to-Green-Fund-Seychelles-Oct-2015-©-Victor-Moser-300x225A few weeks ago, for example, we had the pleasure of meeting the Moser family: Mr Victor, Mrs Sandra and Carlo, from Switzerland. During their holiday at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles they very much enjoyed spending time with our WiseOceans Marine Educators team and I, learning about fish, corals and our Reef Restoration Project.

On our very first snorkel together, we really loved discovering the marine beauties of Petite Anse, and ended up spending almost 2 hours in the water! We saw eagle rays swimming past, 2 bumphead parrotfish and many diamondfish. For our second snorkel , which followed the day after, we decided to focus instead on “small critters”, and enjoyed what became a “treasure hunt”: crabs hidden between the branches of corals, incredible spaghetti and christmas tree worms, bright-colored harlequin filefish, and many more.

On the third day the whole Moser family assisted during the coral fragment selection and placement in the Coral Nursery, living “a day in the life of a marine biologist” experience; Carlo, Victor and Sandra, as many other guests often do, showed great support to the project and even made a generous donation.

Carlo-Moser-snorkeling-Seychelles-Oct-2015-©-Victor-Moser-300x225So we are delighted to have contributed to the Moser family’s – and many other families’ – holiday, making it special as well as educational, and giving them the opportunity to learn, know and love the ocean. Because inspiring love for coral and the ocean in the people we meet is our mission.

We hope to see you again soon, Moser family!

You can read more about WiseOceans activities at Resorts here.

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