Post mass global coral bleaching event and it’s not all bad news

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This year saw the third mass global coral bleaching event sweep the world’s oceans. Stats, figures and reports on the loss of coral worldwide are still emerging, but needless to say there is some pretty bleak reading out there. You may call corals the canaries of the ocean, and this was a clear signal that all is not well.

Here in Petite Anse our coral nursery stocked a high proportion of coral fragments in the genus Acropora, a fast-growing species which we hoped to utilise as a first step to restocking the natural reef. The bad news is that Acropora proved among the most susceptible corals to the bleaching and despite our best efforts at protection, many were lost. This has been an upsetting few months for our team as we watched our hard work and precious corals suffer such a set back. Read more about the causes of coral bleaching, and stay tuned as we’ll soon be offering even more ways to do your little bit for our reefs.

In the meantime, a little bit of good news. Many corals survived the bleaching event, and are now thriving in the cooler temperatures. Check out these enormous and very healthy coral nursery fragments! (Can we even still call them ‘fragments’?!).

Huge Stylophora fragments 2016-10-15-09-24-09 2016-10-15-09-40-53

And among the survivors… Back in June 2015 we spotted this tiny Pocillopora recruit on our nursery frames:


Well look at it now! We’re smitten, and very proud of this little survivor!2016-10-15-09-27-54