The project launches! 26/03/15

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Visitors for the day included representatives from the local community and the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Lindsay talks to the group about the ongoing marine research activities conducted by WiseOceans in Petite Anse on behalf of the Ministry of Environment.

Caroline O’Grady, Public Relations Manager at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, highlights the benefits of marine education for guests at the Resort.

Lindsay holds the mic while Tania takes centre stage to demonstrate to the group how the fragments of coral are attached the metal supports that are their new mobile home.

Tania attaches coral fragments to a labelled metal support. The coral will then spend several months hanging in the coral nursery before being transplanted out to Petite Anse reef.

Lindsay and Tania take questions from the group about all aspects of the Project. Here Andrew Grieser-Johns, Programme Coordinator at PCU, is very interested in the innovative methodology.

Tania and Lindsay smiling at the success of the day, both proud and excited at the launch of the Reef Restoration Project.

Tania smiles as she get down to her ‘day job’ after the launch guests have departed following a very successful event.