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Today our oceans face unprecedented threats at global and local scales. Coral reefs support 25% of all marine life and 1/2 billion people around the world. Today we face losing the first planetary scale ecosystem, but we can still save our reefs if we act together, and if we act now.
Be part of the solution for our reefs and oceans. Make your Promise to the Reef or Sponsor a Reef with us today.


Make a promise with us today and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions this year. Commit to one of these actions and choose a positive future for our reefs and planet!

Support our reef restoration projects in Seychelles and Mauritius. Through sponsorship we will transform a patch of reef back to health in your name.

These beautiful handmade coral ornaments are the perfect sustainable gift or memento for any coral reef lover and another way to support our reef restoration work.


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When it comes to climate change and plastic pollution the size of the challenge can appear to be overwhelming but making small lifestyle changes can make a big difference to the health of our oceans if enough of us do them.

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