Promise to the Reef

Make a small promise with a big impact

With every year that passes we see the increasing impacts of climate change on our oceans and fear for the future of coral reefs. But we can still save our seas if we act together, and if we act now.

The UN global target is to limit warming of our planet to less than 2° C above pre-industrial temperatures. However, to save coral reefs we need to limit global warming to 1.5° C above pre-industrial levels. We can do this if we reduce our current level of emissions by 70% by 2050 and build a zero emissions future by 2100. This takes effort across all levels of society (from government and businesses to each of us).

If every person reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by one tonne this year we would save the world from over seven billion tonnes of greenhouse gases. That would reduce our global yearly emission by approximately 20%.


Bleached reef

Healthy reef

Make your promise with us today and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions this year.
Commit to one of these actions and choose a positive future for our reefs and planet:


Dispose of disposables

Say no to unnecessary purchases, ditch disposable plastics and recycle

“I promise to save one tonne of CO2 emissions per year by cutting single use plastic bags from my life, reducing and re-using plastics, and saying yes to recycling and recycled products”

Pull the plug on climate change

Reduce your household energy consumption, turn off the taps and switches, turn down the heat and say yes to efficiency

“I promise to turn the heating down by 2° C (or the air conditioning up by 2° C), switch electronics off at the socket, turn the light off when I leave a room and install energy efficient appliances in my home”


Invest in alternatives

Change to an energy provider that invests in alternative, sustainable energy options or power your home with solar panels

“I promise to support renewable energy initiatives, cut my emissions by one tonne per year by installing household photovoltaic solar panels or moving to an alternative energy provider”

Support the sustainable

From food to a new pair of pants, your purchasing choices make a difference

“I promise to choose ethically-sourced, local products wherever possible, reducing production emissions and destructive land-use practices”


Less meat, less heat

Cut down on the amount of meat you eat and aim to limit your food miles by buying local produce

“I promise to reduce my meat consumption by 50% (or to three days a week) and to eat less red meat to reduce my emissions by one tonne per year”

Spread the reef love

Sign a petition, write a letter and share with the people around you the wonders of coral reefs and importance of tackling climate change to save them

“I promise to support marine conservation and sustainability initiatives and campaigns every year”

Positive planting

See the woods for the trees, help prevent habitat loss and support ecosystems that can soak up our CO2 through conservation or offsetting initiatives

“I promise to plant ten native trees per year and support a conservation project to save our great green carbon sinks”

Driver of change

Choose a sociable bus ride, a communal commute, get back on that bicycle and smell the fresh air

“I promise to reduce my time behind the wheel by 25% and cut out all car journeys under one mile to limit my emissions. I will limit my air travel and offset it when I can”

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When it comes to climate change and plastic pollution the size of the challenge can appear to be overwhelming but making small lifestyle changes can make a big difference to the health of our oceans if enough of us do them.

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