Transplantation to the reef, with your help!

After spending several months in the coral nursery, our coral fragments are ready to be transplanted to the reef. This is the true ‘reef restoration’ part of the process.

The nursery fragments are attached securely to a bare patch of reef, so securely in fact that they won’t wobble or move even a fraction. The coral then grows naturally onto the surrounding reef, and there we have it, we have coral growing on what was previously bare reef!

These pictures show a bare area of reef near to our coral nursery (you can see a coral nursery frame in the background), pictured early in 2015. We transplanted two of our nursery fragments to this section of reef, and took a photo in July 2015. By March 2016 you can see that the coral fragments have grown significantly, and are even attracting their own fish!

IMG_1200 IMG_1777 IMG_2424

This restoration of bare patches of Petite Anse is where you can really get involved and support our work. Sponsor a patch of reef and we will transplant coral fragments to that patch on your behalf, restoring that bit of Petite Anse with your help.

Sponsorship options

You may choose to sponsor a patch that is 1 square metre, 2 square metres, or 4 square metres in size. We’ll send you a certificate of sponsorship, and will regularly post photos to our Gallery so that you can see the progress of your reef and its new coral colonies.

Thank you for helping to restore and conserve a beautiful and incredibly important coral reef!

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